Roselyn Akombe’s Tough Message to Jubilee, Hours after Resignation

The message was issued after Akombe landed in New York.

Akombe fled the country under the guise of supervising printing of ballot papers in Dubai.

On landing in the Dubai, the former commissioner took a flight to New York from where she announced her exit from IEBC, citing partisanship by her colleagues at the electoral commission.

Akombe was interviewed on BBC’s Newsday Programme where she was queried on whether she was aware that the NASA coalition was likely to use her resignation to attack the IEBC and to undermine the process of the repeat elections slotted on October 26.

Akombe, however, was firm that she was not concerned about Jubilee misunderstanding her position, adding that her personality compelled her to speak the truth regardless of the consequences.

“I cannot live with an election that is never going to be a credible election. If it is understood by Jubilee as me trying to legitimize the process, that is the truth. We have to accept the truth whether it hurts Jubilee or NASA.”

"There is a very high likelihood that the mistakes that some of the presiding officers made during the last election will be repeated," Akombe remarked.

The former commissioner also criticised recent incidents of intimidation of IEBC staff by suspected NASA supporters.


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