IEBC Makes Important Announcement 13 Days to Election

Just days to elections IEBC declares that...

Speaking during the high-profile gathering, IEBC Commissioner Roselyn Akombe assured Kenyans that the electoral body was ready and well-equipped to hold the October 26 polls.

Akombe disclosed that printing of the ballot papers will start this week.

“When you’re looking at the logistics, we’re confident as a commission that we’re there. The ballot paper printing is beginning this week and we believe that we shall be able to deliver them timely to all parts of the country,” she said.

Dr. Akombe divulged that over 200 Presiding Officers involved in the bungled August 8 General Elections will not be involved in the fresh polls.

According to the Commissioner, the areas these officials presided over during the just concluded elections was plagued with a lot of malpractices.

The anomalies were highlighted by NASA Presidential Candidate Raila Odinga after he moved to Supreme Court to challenge President Uhuru Kenyatta's win.

“We have vetted those who had mistakes and they will not be included in this election.

“We wish to affirm and reaffirm that the polling station remains the locus of an election — that is where the will of the voter is expressed and that is why we’ve been focusing on the training of the Presiding Officers,”  Akombe menioned.


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