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Jury Selection Criteria

The Jury process will be transparent and fair and each nomination will be scored based on the criteria below.

  • Creativity

The nominee’s ability to be resourceful in communicating ideas and content types to their audience. This shows up in the nature (not size) of response that each piece of content receives.

  • Content quality and range

The quality of content created by the nominee, including the strength of their storytelling, the number of content formats and posts they are creating around a single topic. The range of content created includes the number of topics they have covered in their niche, and evidence that they are listening to their audience and creating based on what their audience finds useful or delightful.

  • Engagement and Community building

This criterion shows the strength of the connection between the influencer nominee and their audience. It is an assessment of how many people engage them in the comment section (which speaks directly to the average size of the conversation in comments, replies, quote tweets, shares, saves, etc. All forms of interaction with their content.) The nominee’s community building efforts entail actions taken to elicit more engagement, specifically shares, and how the nominee’s digital presence expands over time.

  • Use of social tools

With each social network, there’s an abundance of, and constantly increasing/changing list of tools available to the creator or influencer, with which to engage their community. This criterion assesses their understanding and usage of these tools to build their community, which is an important metric of their ability to truly leverage the platform to drive their own influence.