The strange things Kibera residents did to prevent voting process [Photos]

The IEBC officials accompanied by security officials were met with a rude shock in the early morning.

On Wednesday during a rally at Uhuru Park, the NASA leaders led by Odinga told their supporters to stay away from polling stations, reiterating his clarion call that 'there is no election today'.

Instead, Odinga appealed to their supporters to hold prayers away from voting centres or stay at home today and not participate in the 'sham repeat presidential election'.

However, residents of Kibra constituency had their own plans to prevent voting to take place.

IEBC officials who were accompanied by police officers woke up to blocked roads preventing access to the polling stations in the area.

NASA youth in the wee hours of the morning in what is seen as a well-calculated move, lit bonfires and barricaded the roads with stones.

At the Olympic Primary School polling station, the people closed the gates and blocked the main gate using bulders and even locked it with their own padlocks.

Police had to break the padlocks and physically remove the rocks to gain access to the polling stations.

Upon discovering that the police had finally managed to gain entry into the polling stations, the youth re-grouped and attacked the security forces in the area pelting them with stones which prompted the police to respond with shots being heard in the melee.

The ensuing fracas greatly disrupted any form of voting from taking place in the area.

(Photos: Twitter)


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