10 gift ideas for your man, forget socks and ties [Pulse Contributor's Opinion]

No more buying the usual gifts

Gifts for men

Over time, men have expressed how frustrating it is to receive the same old gifts over and over again from their ladies.

A pair of socks, belts and a pair of boxers are some of the gifts ladies are used to buying for their men during birthdays and anniversaries.

It is actually unfortunate to learn that some ladies are always looking forward to being gifted lavishly and they don't expect the man to forget to give them gifts. But they hardly do the same.

A large percentage of women always say they end up buying the same gifts all over again due to lack of ideas. Worry no more.

Here is a list of gift ideas you can buy for your man.

  • Portable Bluetooth speaker

If he is a music lover, the speaker will come in handy. He can carry it along when going for picnics, vacations and road trips. It is a great way to keep him entertained when he is with the boys.

  • Power bank

If he is always complaining about his phone’s battery dying and using that as a reason why he is not able to communicate with you, a power bank will solve his problem. In a country where the lights can go off anytime and for a long duration, a power bank will have him sorted.

  • Cologne

A good cologne will go a long way in boosting his esteem and making him feel good. It also makes him appear polished and elegant, which can improve people's perceptions of him.

  • Executive gentleman’s spa session

The spa is a great way to relax and unwind. He already has so much pressure in his life. A massage will help release the tension in his body. Remember how men feel great when the lady at the barbershop massages their head and neck after a shave? A massage will make him feel so much better.

  • Whiskey

Whiskey is the ideal mix of seriousness and craziness. When a man chooses whiskey as his drink of choice, you know he's on his game. Make that man happy with a smooth bottle of his favourite whiskey. You can pair it up with a whiskey flask. You will have gone a notch higher in ensuring he enjoys his bottle.

  • Self-care package

The package can include a beard care set if he is into beards, a good deodorant, his favourite body wash and a shaving cream.

  • Electronic gadget he has been eyeing

This could be a pair of headsets, earphones or ear pods . It could be costly but remember he also goes out of his way to make his baby girl happy.

  • A tool box

This gift will be sorting out your problem too in the household. Your man will now be able to fix that leaking sink, the broken door hinge and anything that needs fixing around the home. If he also likes DIYs, make his hobby even more interesting by buying him a tool box.

  • Football jersey

If he is a football fanatic, buy him a jersey of his favourite team and you can even have it customized with his name on the back and his favourite player number. He will be so excited wearing it when watching his team play with the boys.

  • Pay for his gym membership

If he is a fitness enthusiast, this will be an ideal gift. If you want him to have those abs and glutes you like to touch, help him with his gym membership. If you are unable to pay, you can buy him a smart watch which will help him track his workouts. You will have taken his fitness game a notch higher.

Ladies, you are now sorted with gift ideas. No more buying the usual gifts. Go a step further and he will be so happy you did it. The boy child deserves to feel good too. By the way, September is ‘take a man on a date’ month. Spend some dollars on a date night. Let his wallet take a break.

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