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10 signs she’s not that into you

Men, how do you tell that you may be on a wild goose chase?

When it comes to romantic relationships, it goes without saying that feelings between the two parties has to be mutual if there are to be any hopes for the future.

Unfortunately, things don’t always turn out as planned and majority of the time it just has to do with a lack of communication.

Does the girl your pursuing keep giving you mixed signals about where the two of you are headed? How long does she take to text you back? Has she even texted you back?


If you are unable to answer any of these questions then this article is meant for you.

Here are 10 telling signs that she just might not be that into you and it may be time to direct your focus elsewhere.

One word answers

Every time the two of you speak, she always seems disinterested in your conversations and keeps replying in one word answers.

Takes long to text you back


It takes hours before you receive a reply from her when you text and will always have a less than solid explanation as to why she didn’t reply soon enough.

She never texts first

On the topic of texting, if you always end up texting her first then that just means she’s not interested in putting much effort in what you may be sending off.


She always seems undecided when it comes to making plans with you but is always down whenever Mike makes a plan.


She stands you up

All the activities the two of you plan to do together always ends up being a solo project. In other words it’s very easy for her to cancel on you.

She keeps you in the friend zone

The friend zone is probably the worst zone any man can be stuck in when he wants something more from the friendship. If she makes a conscious effort to always introduce you as her friend in public settings, it may be time to try elsewhere.

She ignores you


If she gives other guys more attention when you are together then she just might not be interested in you like that.

She does not give into your physical advances

If she does not reciprocate your physical advances such as not holding your hand back when you hold hers then she may be sending signals that she’s not comfortable with you in that way.

Subtle comparisons to other guys

If she keeps mentioning how she likes the way Mike dresses or how Mike made a really funny joke that she can’t stop thinking about then it may be time to look for greener pastures.


She tells you she’s not into you point blank

If you get a woman that is not afraid to express what she truly wants then good for you. It saves you a lot of time that you may have spent on someone else.

Or just simply ask her if she’s interested in you romantically or not.


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