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5 best ways to bury the memories of your ex girlfriend

Forgetting a girl whose love reached deep into your soul is never easy, but it's not impossible.

How do you handle the loneliness that descends on your soul just immediately after your relationship with your supposed soulmate ceases to exist?

These five steps are the most effective ways to forget that ex-girlfriend, and never look back again.


Immerse yourself in work. Put your all, every component of you into work- the mind, body spirit, everything you’ve got.

This is one of the most effective ways to begin the journey of letting go of someone.

I would really have said see a therapist or something, but judging by how reluctant we are around these parts to do such things, I’ll just stick with this one- rant about the whole thing, but just once.

Look for someone who you trust and who has an endless capacity to actually listen.


Bare your soul, say it all- everything you will miss about her, everything you hated about her, the irreconcilable differences that brought about the breakup… talk about it all, and then set on the path of walking away from her for life.

True, your mutual friends knew how perfect you were together, and after the breakup, they tried to patch the relationship together again.

Sadly, it did not work as they planned.


Now you have to let them know that you need to move on, so they have to assist you and stop talking about her around you.

You already have the problem of banishing her thoughts from your own mind, having them go on talking about her will only make it worse for you.

Now if they are going to be making life hard for you, why are they really friends?

You will need to be really patient because getting rid of the thought of that ex-girlfriend will not be as easy as washing off the smell of smoke from your clothes. No.


You have to be patient to achieve the maximum, complete result.

While you do all the other things listed here in a bid to effectively forget her for good, never forget that patience is also very required.

By keeping really busy with work and other activities, you can find something to actually keep your mind off that former girlfriend.


However, you also need someone else to occupy your mind.

Answer this honestly, can you replace a woman’s calming, companionable, and even sexual presence by just being busy with work? Bet your answer starts with an ‘N’ and ends with an ‘O.’

Truth is, keeping busy and being without a bae can only last a certain period.

At some point, in order to banish the ghost of girlfriend [s] past for life, you have to get yourself someone new.

Just ensure you make a better choice than the previous.


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