I don't give her money- Chipukeezy

The comedian feat radio presenter came out to prase his fiancee for working for her own.


Speaking to one of the local dailies Chipukeezy, who is a renowned entertainer, was first in line to say that he doesn't advocate for women receiving allowances from their husbands. He went on to give an example with his long time fiancee Vivian who he says works for her own cash.

“There are many responsibilities a man has, like taking care of the house rent, kids, and food for the house. Giving my woman money occasionally is okay, but putting her on an allowance is not realistic. My woman makes her own money, which she uses to make herself beautiful while I take care of other responsibilities. It’s an entitlement that wives must monthly allowances. I don’t think I am in a position to do that.”

Namba Nane Octopizzo agrees with Chipukeezy and says that he will never give his woman an allowance. He believes that we live in a generation that gives both women and men equal opportunities.

We are living in a generation where women and men have equal opportunities. As a dad who has girls, I will never allow my daughter to depend on a man for any allowance. When a man gives you money, he will treat you like his property and eventually disrespect you. I don’t believe in women being housewives. My mother worked and she was never employed. No woman should sit at home and expect to be paid an allowance by the husband. I don’t even give money to my woman to make her hair. I only do that for my daughters.”

Different Opinion

Nazizi confessed to having never received an allowance in her relationships but has no qualms about women getting some from their men if that is the agreement.

"I have never been paid an allowance in my relationships. I believe everyone should work for their money, but in cases where a couple agrees that the wife should stay at home and get an allowance, that is okay. I

Big Ted, the  Deputy Director, State Branding, and Events at the Presidency said, “Giving your wife or girlfriend a monthly allowance is a personal choice. I know of men who give their wives a fixed income despite the women being corporate executives. It is not a bad thing, but the couple should sit down and agree. However, this should not be an excuse for a man to have a mpango wa kando and use the money to blind her lover.”

Anita Nderu was also of a concurring opinion, "The issue of allowance is up to the guy. , but it is a good thing to treat your woman within your financial means from time to time.” She added that “If you can provide, why not, but if you cannot afford it, it is not a must.”


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