Genius make-up hacks to avoid staining your clothes

Never thought of this before..

Not only does it stain your clothes but it also ruins your face beat that you probably spent hours doing – super annoying.

If you want to avoid that entire mess, try these simple hacks that will keep your clothes clean as well as keep your face beat in check.

1.Set your make-up

Apply thin layers of make-up and then use a setting spray or powder to avoid it staining your clothes.

For lipstick, you can separate a tissue into two layers and sprinkle some powder on the tissue and press the tissue onto your lips

2.Opt for waterproof make-up

Having waterproof make-up is probably the surest way to avoid make-up from smudging especially during a hot day.

3.Wear a scarf before applying make-up

When you are applying your make-up tie a scarf around your neck to avoid getting make-up all over your clothes.

4.Consider the way you put your outfits on after having your make-up done

If you are wearing a dress, try putting it on from the bottom all the way up as opposed to wearing it over your head.

If your outfit requires you to put on your outfits from the head, make sure the opening is wide enough to go over your head without smearing your make-up.

5.Avoid touching your face when you have make-up on

Stop touching your face when you have make-up on. Once you touch your face, you will touch your clothes thus staining them.


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