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4 simple ways to grow the edges of your hair back

Get those edges back with these simple tips.

4 simple ways to grow the edges of your hair back

From managing split ends to making sure your hair doesn’t go dry, we all need to be diligent with how we take care of our hair.

One common problem when it comes to women’s hair is the loss of hair around the edges. No need to worry though as with proper maintenance and care, you can easily grow your edges back.

1.Avoid tight braids/ponytails


It may seem cliché to keep repeating this but it is important to make sure that your braids and ponytails are not too tight.

The hair located on your edges are very brittle and need to be treated carefully. Loosen the ponytail. If your hairdresser pulls your braids at the edges, make sure to tell them to loosen them.

2.Stimulate your scalp with a massage when applying oil

When applying oil to the hair, make sure to massage your scalp to help stimulate growth by increasing circulation around the hair loss area.

3.Avoid too much heat


That includes blow-drying and flat ironing the hair. As amazing as straightening hair through blow-drying and flat ironing can be, the excessive heat can greatly affect our edges.


Your hair and scalp need to be moisturized at least every two days depending on how dry your scalp gets.


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