5 habits you need to break now if you want to increase productivity

For most people, becoming as productive as they would like to be or need to be is a goal that is constantly changing. Although you may have your rituals and routines that you believe are supporting that goal, every now and then it is important to revisit the things that you focus on the most.

5 habits you need to break now if you want to increase productivity

Productivity is defined by your energy, time, and focus. You want to achieve a mental and physical energy that is sustainable and helps push you towards your goals so here are 5 habits you need to break now if you want to increase productivity.

We all think that we can manage it all, all at the same time but the sad truth is that it is impossible to multitask and be completely productive. Multi-tasking may seem like juggling it all but it impacts our minds and bodies quite heavily.

You are guaranteed to burn out at some point and when you eventually do, its important to re-evaluate what productivity means to you and what behaviour you need to enforce in order to achieve that safely.

We often abandon boundaries in an effort to please others. From coworkers always stopping by your office to your supervisor asking you to review files right before you are leaving for the day, these interruptions are a result of not setting boundaries.

Allowing this gives other the power to deplete your time and cuts into what you need to do for yourself. One handy way of setting boundaries is by using your calendar and scheduling your time in a concrete way.

In that calendar, make sure you include free time to attend to any ad-hoc tasks.

Closed mouths certainly do not get fed and in the same way, if you don't voice out what you want, you're never going to get it. It is very common to not communicate your needs in fear of being a burden to others.

Whether you work for a company or work for yourself, you have to be intentional with your communication. When you're communicating with your employees or colleagues, t is important to be clear and direct with instructions and expectations to avoid any misunderstandings.

Do you have a big career dream, but fear that you may fail in reaching it? The fear of failure can be so powerful that it results in you settling for second-best.

We all want to make a success of our lives. When we don’t succeed at something, we often feel demoralised and reluctant to dust ourselves off and try again. You may also be facing a number of obstacles that seem almost impossible to overcome. 

Being afraid to fail can cause you to miss chances to develop your special talents and to feel truly fulfilled. By stepping out of your comfort zone and setting your doubts aside, you’re able to truly grow as a person. 

Try not to focus too much on the little details and tackle your task as best you can and move on.

5. Get passionate

Do what you love and love what you do. Feeling inspired and satisfied is so important to productivity. Try prioritising tasks that you enjoy to increase effectiveness.


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