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5 reasons why you should sleep naked

However, beyond the amazing feeling of soft cotton on your naked butt, there are so many other benefits of sliding between soft sheets in your birthday suit.

Skin-to-skin contact enhances oxytocin release and is beneficial to loving couples. If you both sleep nude, you form a more sensual and trusting relationship. Going to bed naked prevents your body from overheating and having fitful sleep as it allows your skin cool off.

You'll get better skin and hair

The better you sleep the more growth hormones your body will produce. It also allows your skin to breathe and sweat which is great for your sebaceous glands.


You'll also have more sex

While one can't deny the sexual excitement that comes with stripping off your partner, sleeping naked will make it much easier to have random sex in the middle of the night.

Sleeping naked helps with muscle gain and weight loss

The growth hormones produced during sleep not only help with hair and skin. They are also responsible for muscle growth. Scientists suspect that they may also assist with the fat burning process.

Doctors even recommend it for people suffering with insomnia.


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