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5 tips on how not to gain holiday weight

How do you ensure you do not gain a lot of weight this holiday season?

Holiday weight gain is a real thing [Pexels]

The holidays come with extra merriment and excess food. It is no wonder many people gain a lot of weight over the holidays.

Do the following to gain less weight:

During the holidays, people buy packs and packs of alcohol and beverages and stock their fridges to the maximum capacity.


From one drink, you grab two, and then three until you have lost count.

Tell yourself that you are just going to drink one drink and stick to sipping it slowly.

The amount of sugar and calories in these drinks are dangerously high. Alcohol also increases your appetite.

Yes, we know it is the holidays and you planned to rest from work or school but you should not eat the entire time and go and lay down to press your phone.


Eat and walk around. Take an early morning walk. Exercise. Jog. Do not take a holiday from physical activity.

The more food you eat, the more weight you gain. It makes sense to eat less food. How do you do this? Use a smaller plate and eat smaller portions.

Do not spend all day and night partying. You need to sleep.


Lack of sleep increases your appetite by raising your hunger level.

Sleep deprivation also causes lower metabolism which means that your body slows down the process of losing weight.

How many times do you go to taste the food while it is cooking?

One carrot here, one chicken lap there, one soda is gone and before you know it you have eaten up a storm.


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