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6 natural ways to get rid of cockroaches

Dawa ya mende Kwa nyumba yako

Getting rid of cockroaches(Jim's Pest Control Adelaide)

Cockroaches love dirty and damp places. So before you even start of thinking on how to get rid of them, start by tidying up the place. Remove all the clutter. Ensure the trash cans are empty and that your house and its environs are not damp.

After that, you can use the below natural methods to get rid of them roaches:

1. Cover the water


Cockroaches can go up to a month without food. So even if you starve them for a month, you won’t be doing anything. But they cannot survive without water. So if you drain your sinks and cover all the water cans, they will die of thirst.

2. Baking soda

Besides baking, baking soda has so many other household uses. Mix baking soda with something sweet like sugar which will attract the roaches. Once they consume it, they will die.

3. Petroleum jelly


If you have some baby oil, all you will need is a jar and some food particles. Smear the jar with petroleum jar generously then put some aromatic food particles inside it and leave it open. Then put off the lights and keep it where the roaches hide. They will be attracted by the aroma and jump into the jar and will be trapped there since the jelly is slippery and they can’t climb up. In the morning, cover the jar and burn it with the cockroaches inside.

4. Peppermint oil

Peppermint is safe to use if you have children in your house. Mix it with water and spray the cockroaches infested area.

5. Detergent


Mix washing detergent with water and spray the infested areas. Repeat severally until you see results.

6. Cucumber

They will not kill the cockroaches but since they hate cucumber, they will run away to find a new home. Cut cucumbers into small pieces and spread them where the cockroaches hide.


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