6 ways to strengthen your nails after removing gels, acrylics

September 26th 2022, 5:19:51 pm

Gel tips and acrylics nails can leave natural nails weak and brittle after they are removed. With some lifestyle changes, patience and prioritising your nails, you cannot only restore your nails to their former health, but even if you have naturally brittle nails; they can be fortified.

6 ways to strengthen your nails after removing gels and acrylics

According to dermatologists, nail damage is influenced by two categories: biological and lifestyle factors.

The first categories consist of factors that are beyond one's control, including ageing, medical conditions and genetics, which make damage unavoidable.

The lifestyle factors are easier to control and adjusting them can have a major impact on the health of your nails.

Following removal of gel tips and acrylics, it is important to give the nails a break from enhancements.

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During the break, maintain them at a short height to make them less likely to break or catch on surfaces or material. Just like damaged hair needs trimming, damaged nails also require to cut off the damaged tips.

And just like taking care of over-processed hair through treat drying and seep conditioning, nails and cuticles require the same treatment.

Integrate the following six nail care styles into your routine to promote and retain your nails fibre.

Wear gloves when you are working with water, especially hot water. Nails absorb water easily and faster than the skin. This exceptional intake strains nail cells which results in nail debris in the form of peeling, weakening and breaking. Wear protective gloves while doing manual labour involving water.

Forego the cardboard files when filing your nails. They are affordable and fast to work with, however, they have tiny openings that cause wear and tear and eventually splitting, cracking nail tips.

Crystal files have smooth edges and create clean glazed nail edges.

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Acetone polish remover is the typical remover and gives the effect of breathability and freshness after cleaning. However, it leaves nails dry thereby making them more brittle and susceptible to cracking and tear.

Opt for a polish remover that has conditioning and moisturising benefits such as soy-based or oil-based remover like coconut oil and Non-Acetone.

Nail products that contain formaldehyde or formalin are said to strengthen nails, but over time they make the nails hard and eventually brittle. They also have potential to separate the nail from the nail bed.

Formaldehyde is also associated with severe allergic reactions such as nail folds and swollen, irritated and painful skin surrounding the nail.

Keep your nails moisturised with nail care products that are rich in phospholipids. These ingredients are proven to improve nail flexibility thus getting rid of brittleness.

Massage the moisturiser into the nails after every hand wash or as many times in a day.

Phospholipids are usually found in sunflower oil products.

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Gycolic improves nail hydration through regulating nail keratolysis by breaking down poor bonds in nail keratin which cause brittleness. It gives the nails a coating that is peeled to remove dead cells, just like peels that are used to remove dead cells on the skin.

By removing dead layers, the nails can absorb ingredients easier and retain them better. Hydration is also improved.

Consult your doctor to establish the cause of brittleness and weakness in your nails to start the right nail care routine.

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