7 ways to store your already cut avocado

To prevent browning of your avo, try these methods


We all want a big fat juicy avocado but for a fruit as expensive as an avo, you'd think that after cutting, it will last a week but lo! Keep the half overnight and you're left with some slimy brown disgusting thing in the name of avo. If you ask most people how to preserve avo, they will give you a plethora of methods. Others will simply tell you that the best solution is to buy a small ripe avo so that you eat it all and you don't have to worry about the other half getting spoiled. However, if that's not a solution feasible enough for you, fret not; we got you.

A majority of us love avocados and since some are humongous and expensive, we definitely want to keep some for later. The only flip side to that is that they turn brown way too fast. The reason avocados turn brown after cutting them is because they contain a certain enzyme which causes them to become oxidized when exposed to air. If you do your research, you will find so many methods of preserving avocados. But, how many of those methods actually work? Here are some tested methods:

1. Sprinkling lime or lemon juice on the cut avocado and putting it in an airtight container.

So apparently, for this method, the avo tuned out pretty slimy and was still slightly brown.

2. Storing a cut onion next to the avo in an airtight container.

While this method fared better than the lime and lemon juice, the avo remained firm but it still had some browning. Also, the onion taste did not transfer into the avo at least not when it's left overnight. The sulphur components in the onion reduces oxidization.

3. Coating the avo with oil.

The avo that was coated with oil(granola oil, although you can use olive oil too) performed better than both the onion and lemon experiement. The avo flesh remained moist but firm. However, after 72 hours, the avo tasted a bit off, cause of the oil. This method is okay if you're preserving the avo for 48 hours or less.

4. Plastic wrap.

While the seed is still intact, wrap the avo with a plastic wrap to prevent any air from getting in and preserve the avo. This method left the avo fresh, moist but firm and the flavor unchanged.

5. Air tight container.

Put your cut avo in a plastic food container and close it tight. While the flesh will be drier than the oil brushed avo, this method will keep the avo preserved overnight.

6. Put small lettuce leaves on the cut avo while the see is intact.

Some people swear by this method and claim it's the best out there.

7. Cut the avo horizontally then store it upside down in a well fitting bowl.

Now, this is not the most practical way to eat an avo, I mean, cutting it horizontally, however, this is a surefire way to keep it preserved. No browning no nothing and this is arguably the best way to store your avo at home.

8. If all else fails, buy a small one and finish it in one sitting.

Try all the above and see what works best!


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