8 mistakes that cause condoms to burst during sex

Prevent that future opps moment


Such a buzzkill right? But a condom breaking is not something to take lightly actually. If it breaks and you're both not aware, you could risk getting an unplanned pregnancy or even an STI. A condom bursts through a mechanism called the blunt puncture, where the penis head bursts through a part of the condom, such as the tip. If you feel the condom tightening around the head of the penis, pull out and check or better yet, change the condom. But, just why do condoms break? We have the low-down.

1. Tearing it with a sharp object or tearing it from the middle.

You’d have to be really dumb to do that btw…

2. You’re performing oral sex with a condom on.

If you’re one to have oral sex with a condom on, you need to change it after. A blow job for example can cause small tears on the condom cause of the teeth and fingernails or rings on the woman’s hands. You need to change it and not go directly from the blow job to the actual intercourse because there will be potential for a tear.

3. Wrong storage.

Condoms need to be stored in a cool dry place as heat can cause damage to the latex. So, if you leave your condoms at the bathroom window, you might want to rethink that.

4. The condom is expired.

There’s a reason why condoms have expiry dates. You need to check before wearing one to ensure that it’s not expired.

5. Lack of lubrication.

Sex causes frication if there’s no lubrication and that can lead to irritation, pain and even cause the condom to break. Ensure that the woman is wet enough and if not, use a lubricant.

6. Speaking of lubricants, always use water-based lubricants.

Using oil-based ones like petroleum jelly or baby oil will cause the rubber to weaken and tear.

7. Wrong size.

Condoms come in different sizes, and you need to ensure that it’s not too small nor too big. It needs to feel like the right size, just like that perfect pair of jeans. If it’s too small, then there’s potential for it to burst.

8. Wearing the condom incorrectly.

Take time to wear the condom correctly. They should always be rolled down gently, leaving a little bit of room at the top to help prevent any tear.


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