8 reasons your butt is itching so bad

Could be an underlying health condition


Anal itching is most common among men and mostly happens at night or after bowel movements. In most cases, anal itching is more of a symptom of an underlying condition but not really a condition itself.

Here are some reasons as to why your butt may be itching:

1. STDs

This is common among people who practice anal sex. Some infections that cause anal itchiness include; herpes, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. Condoms are the best way to protect yourself from itchiness arising from sexually transmitted diseases.

2. Hemorrhoids

They are usually swollen veins in the rectum or anus which itch as a result of straining when pooping or too much pressure during pregnancy. Drinking lots of water and consuming foods rich in fiber can help soften the stool thus relieving the itchiness.

3. Eczema

The exact cause of this skin condition is unknown though it’s linked to allergies, stress and an overactive immune response. Luckily, your dermatologist can give you a cream to help get rid of the itchiness.

4. Wiping too hard

If you are a bit rough when wiping down there, it may cause skin irritation and later itchiness. The quality of your tissue paper could also be the reason. If you wipe too often, consider getting soft tissue paper or cleaning with water first before patting dry with tissue paper.

5. Not wiping enough

Hygiene is also a major cause of anal itchiness. If you don’t wipe well or clean properly when taking a shower, the fecal matter remains are likely to make it itch.

6. Wet wipes

If you are the kind who prefer using wet wipes instead of tissue paper, then invest in quality wet wipes. Most people who use wet wipes are at a higher risk given that most wipes are scented.  If your skin is allergic to the fragrance, then may be the reason your bum is itching. But you can instead invest in unscented wet wipes.

7. Food

Seems like whatever you take down your gut affects many aspects in your body than you could imagine. Spicy foods for instance affect your fecal matter making it more acidic. The acidic nature then irritates your bum area making it itchy.

8. Too much moisture

When too much moisture is trapped down there especially in hot days, sweat accumulates. A cotton underwear comes in handy at such moments to prevent moisture accumulation. Ensuring you thoroughly wipe the area after showering also helps.


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