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9 unexpected things women find attractive in men

Hands with protruding veins


What I might find attractive, might not be what you find attractive. But, there are some general things that women find attractive in men, for example, muscles, height and beards are some of the top things that most women like in men. But away from those cliché things, there are also a bit weird things that women find attractive in men, such as:

1. Arms with veins.

Especially when wearing a shirt with rolled up sleeves. Eish! There’s something really sexy about protruding veins. I don’t know if it comes off as a sign of strength or what, but whatever the case, it’s masculine and some women dig that. In fact, there are YouTube tutorials on how to make the veins appear. That’s how much of a thing it is…Imagine that!


2. Chest hair.

Now, not all women like chest hair. But, there are women who want to stroke some of those hairs when watching a movie or when cuddling after a nice bedminton sesh. However, you need to groom a little bit, trim the chest hair a bit if it’s too much and moisturize. A bit of chest hair is okay not the kind that has you looking like a gorilla.

3. The happy trail…

Since we are still on body hair, some women like that hair that grows from the crotch upwards to the navel area. It’s called the happy trail. Again, grooming is important. If it’s too long trim it a little bit. It looks really good when the guys are just walking around in jeans and nothing else.


4. Dad bod.

A majority of women like muscular, buff guys. But, there’s a percentage of women that like guys who are a bit chubby. Not too much, just enough. It’s kinda cute. Especially when they’re not insecure about it.

5. Glasses.

Many women find guys in glasses much cuter.


6. A mellow voice.

You know like that Adam Levine voice? Soft spoken guys are a major turn on for some women. I guess it’s because most of us are used to masculine deep voices and so when you come across a man with a soft voice, it’s different, different good.

7. Bald heads.

A bright shinning head with no hair, is quite an attraction for some women. So, if you’re balding and worried about it, just cut all your hair and proudly sport the bald look.


8. A defined jawline.

A jawline that’s chiseled to perfection is something women find really attractive.

9. A slightly unkempt look.

Like, a rugged hairstyle and rugged beard, piercings, tattoos, and unconventional style. Some women find that attractive.



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