How to fix your broken compact powder in a matter of seconds

That minute your compact powder breaks! A nightmare.

Broken powder (Girl versus makeup)

Ladies, you’d be lying if you said that you or your child has never dropped your compact powder at least once. They are so delicate and easy to drop. The problem is, the minute you drop it, it breaks and cracks and you can’t use it like that because it’s full of particles so you end up having to buy another one. Urgh! Such a shame right? Lucky for us, there’s always a DIY option! That being said, we will show you how to fix your broken powder in a matter of seconds.

1. First, start by breaking all the bigger pieces of the powder.

You can do this by pouring the powder into a ziplock bag and smashing it with something that has a wider surface area such the base of a nail polish for instance. Smash and press it so that you smoothen it out completely and ensure there are no bumps at all.

2. Now, empty the powder back to its container and spread it using the handle of your makeup brush, after which, press gently with your finger.

3. Spread a dry paper towel over the powder and press gently with your fingers for a few minutes.

Once you remove the paper towel, your powder will be as good as new and ready to be used again.

It’s as simple as that. The next time your drop your precious powder, you know what to do!


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