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Former pro boxer shares Joho's hidden talent in the ring

The former pro boxer revealed that Joho's right can easily put an opponent down

Former Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho

Former Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho has garnered praise from his personal trainer, Jamil Zafa, who hails him as an exceptional boxer.

Zafa, a former professional boxer himself, has been guiding and training Joho for the past two years, commending the politician's dedication, discipline, and consistency.

Describing Joho as an active and committed individual, Zafa revealed that the former governor trains rigorously, often dedicating four days a week to training sessions.

Despite occasional challenges such as travel or disturbed sleep patterns, Joho remains steadfast in his pursuit of physical fitness, underscoring his unwavering commitment to boxing.


"Mheshimiwa ni mtu very active, anaweza train kama mara nne, wakati mwingine safari ama haskii vizuri but mostly yeye hutrain four days a week and he is very committed akimmanisha business ni business," Zafa told Presenter Ali in an interview.

Below is a video of Jimal Zafa and Joho in a previous training session:

Addressing the financial aspect of their partnership, Zafa praised Joho for respecting the value of his expertise, emphasizing that the former governor does not negotiate the price for training sessions.


Instead, he leaves it up to Zafa to set the appropriate fee, showcasing a level of respect for the trainer's career and skill.

"Mheshimwa anarespect kitu inaitwa career ya mtu, kwa sababu ukienda pale he doesn't negotiate, it's you to name the price," Zafa revealed.

Trained under the watchful eye of a seasoned athlete, Joho has honed his boxing skills and become an impressive fighter.

Zafa cautioned that Joho's right punch is particularly formidable and has the power to bring an opponent down.

"Mheshimiwa ni boxer, ule ukicheza unalala. Ana right moja mbaya sana, yule anapiga anavunja," Zafa warned.


Since leaving office, Joho has maintained a relatively low profile but remains actively engaged in various public events.

Beyond his political career, he has embraced a vibrant and healthy lifestyle, engaging in activities like playing golf to stay physically fit.


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