Amazing reasons to drink fruit and vegetable juices regularly

September 18th 2022, 11:04:03 am

One of the easiest ways of supplying nutrients to the body is through fresh juices of fruits and vegetables. They are the richest sources of the vitamins, minerals, trace elements and enzymes, which are invaluable for beauty. Juices are in a form which is quickly and easily assimilated by the body, because they are easily absorbed into the blood stream.


Here are some health benefits juices:

  • Being rich in the essential nutrients, juices revitalize the blood, organs and glands.
  • They also have a calming effect on the nerves. Thus, they are of benefit to both mind and body.
  • They also help the process of cell-regeneration. This is of vital importance, as the youth and beauty of the skin depends on the efficient renewal of healthy cells.
  • Taking fresh juices also helps to strengthen the immune system and prevents early degeneration and aging.
  • Juices have long been a part of naturopathy, because of their powerful cleansing and curative actions. They help to cleanse the body of toxins and wastes and also purify the blood.
  • The functions of the internal organs and glands improve and this, in turn, is reflected externally, on the skin, hair, eyes and nails.

Juices can be extracted from almost all fruits and vegetables. You can choose from apples, grapes, oranges, grapefruit, pineapple, pomegranate, beetroot, carrots, cucumber, tomato, spinach, cabbage and so on. Start by taking small quantities and increase the amounts gradually.

Juices are good for health but you need to keep the following things in mind.

  • It is essential to remember that juices should be diluted with water.
  • They should also be taken fresh, immediately after extraction, so that all the nutrients are intact.
  • The fruits and vegetables should be very fresh.
  • Lemon juice or orange juice may be added for flavour, but try to avoid the addition of salt and sugar.
  • Juices and vessels in which juices are kept should not be made of aluminium or any corrosive material.
  • If you have any illness with diet restrictions, be sure to seek your physician's advice regarding the fruits and vegetables that are permitted for you.


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