An easy guide on how to take the perfect selfie

Find your light


You just need the right phone and skills to take that killer selfie. Do you ever go through some people’s Instagram photos and you’re like “Daaaaamn” their selfie game is literally perfection? From the edit to the lighting to the pose.

Here are tips on how to take a perfect selfie:

1. Find you light.

You will need good lighting to take the perfect selfie. If it’s daytime, always take advantage of natural light as it’s much better. Take your selfies outside or at the window where there’s more light. At night, stand either under a light source or where the light spotlights on you.

2. It’s all about the angles.

Almost all good selfies look better when you tilt your face slightly to the side. But then again, different people have different angles. So, find your ‘good side’ through trial and error. While most people look good while tilting their face to the side, others look better when the selfie is taken from the top and others from the bottom.

3. Use a prop.

Sometimes, when you add something like a sippy cup or say adding sunglasses or a glass of wine, you know, just any prop, it adds some flair to the selfie.

4. Strike your poses.

Do you look better smiling? Smizing? Pouting? Also, consider playing around with your hair or lips. For instance, you could put your finger on your lip like try pressing your lip upwards with your thumb or bite your lip or touch your hair.

5. Use both hands.

Try using both hands to take the selfie instead of one hand. Better balance and it’s easier to press the camera button.

6. If you can, use the camera at the back of the phone instead.

The back camera has more megapixels and so you’ll have clearer, better-quality selfies. It’s hard when you’re alone but you could use a timer.

7. Crop out unnecessary things in the background.

If you take a selfie and there’s someone photo bombing, or there are things in the background making the selfie busy, crop them out to only show your face.


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