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A quick and easy way to make your own lip balm at home

No lip balm? No problem

How to make your own DIY lip balm (courtesy)

For a majority of us, a lip balm is a must-have.

I cannot leave the house without a lip balm to keep my lips hydrated, supple and smooth. Chapped lips are an eyesore and you should always have a lip balm with you wherever you go. Unfortunately, lip balms are not always affordable plus, sometimes, lip balms end up leaving your lips even more dry due to some of the chemicals used to make them. Good thing is, you can always improvise and make your own home-made lip balm and it’s super easy as all you will need is a small container, a lipstick to give your lips some color – preferably in a color like red or pink and vitamin E capsules if available (You can buy them from a chemist or a shop that sells organic stuff).


Boil water and pour it into a big bowl.


Into a small metallic or glass bowl, add a spoonful of Vaseline petroleum jelly and put the bowl afloat the hot water for it to melt.

Cut a small chunk of your pink or red lipstick and add it into the now melting petroleum jelly.

Mix the two very well and careful not to submerge the bowl in water till everything is well mixed.

Add two capsules of Vitamin E. If not available, that’s also fine.


Pour the well melted mixture into your empty can, wait to cool then refrigerate overnight and voila! You have your new lip balm.


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