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Why you need to start using avocado oil on your skin

Your skin will thank you for it

Avocado oil(ViVi Therapy)

Turns out that your mouth and stomach are not the only organs that love avocado. Your skin loves it too and if it was to speak, it would thank you for applying avocado oil. While your skin will still benefit from eating avocados regularly, you benefit more by using the oil on your skin.

So, how does your skin benefit from applying avocado oil? Check out some of the benefits:

1. Prevents acne


Acne can affect someone’s self-esteem. Besides, don’t we all want to have smooth and clear skin? Avocado oil has anti-inflammatory aspects which can help reduce inflammation caused by acne. Oiliness makes one prone to acne. When you apply avocado oil on your face, it does not leave an oily residue on your face hence it helps in acne prevention.

2. Moisturizes and nourishes the skin

Whether your skin is oily or dry, moisturizing is one thing you should never forget to do. Keep your skin moisturized by applying avocado oil. No more chapped skin.

3. Soothing sunburned skin


You know you should always wear sunscreen before leaving the house, don’t you? What happens when you forget to do so? Your skin gets damaged by the UV rays. Luckily enough, applying avocado oil on your skin helps in healing the burned skin.

4. Your scalp loves it

There is a reason as to why some hair food oils include avocado as an ingredient. Avocado oil helps in preventing dandruff and other skin problems that result from dry and flaky skin.

5. Relieves itchiness

Whether your skin is itchy due to dryness, a skin condition or insect bite, avocado oil will help relieve the itchiness.


6. Healing Wounds

Wounds can be very annoying and sometimes they just won’t heal as fast as we would want them to. To accelerate the healing process, applying some avocado oil will do a great job.


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