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How to grow a thick, healthy beard

Get that healthy looking beard by following these simple steps.

It is a source of confidence for some men, a symbol of masculinity for some and many other qualities a man may desire to have.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to naturally grow the beard that they want so they may require a little bit of assistance to do so.

Here are a few ways to grow a thick healthy beard.


1.Wash and condition regularly

Just like hair on the head, facial hair needs to be washed and conditioned regularly as well. This will help to keep the hair strong as well as accelerate hair growth.

2.Groom occasionally

If you want a thick beard, you need to allow it to grow on its own, uninterrupted, for a couple of weeks. Groom it a bit – not shaving – to give it the shape you want it to grow in as well as keep it neat as it continues to grow.


3.Watch your diet

What you eat will also determine how healthy your beard will be. Stack up on foods rich in protein such as eggs, fish and milk are of great help in hair growth.

Don’t forget your fruits and vegetables.

In addition to a good diet, regular exercise helps with blood circulation and stimulate hair growth.

4.Massage your beard with oils


Massage your hair with oil to improve circulation and stimulate hair growth. You can try jojoba oil, sweet almond oil or even olive oil as they have hair growth properties.


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