11 struggles that only tall women understand

The struggle is real

But while everyone wants a tall guy, when you're a 6 foot barefoot woman, life is not particularly the easiest. The tall girl struggles are real. Here they are:

1. Wearing heels is pretty much a rumour.

2. Any guy shorter than you will be friendzoned. You always feel the need to date someone who is your height or taller than you.

3. It's a miracle finding jeans and trousers that are not "don't touch my ankles".

4. And when you wear short clothes, they look really short on you.

5. You have to stand at the back when photos are being taken so as not to block others.

6. And speaking of photos, you almost always have to slouch so as to fit in the shot.

7. Giving hugs to short people can be a little bit awkward.

8. People keep telling you to move during concerts and such since you're blocking the view.

"She's so tall why did she have to stand in front of us?" You'll here them whisper.

9. You can barely fit in your bed, and your bathtub and many other places.

10. You keep being asked if you play basketball or model.

11. You have to deal with all the stale jokes like...

"Ladies who wear shoe size 7 and above should join the men in slaughtering goats during finerals"

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