5 most dangerous beauty trends

Beauty trends that are hazardous to your health.

They say those who want beauty shouldn't shy away from the pain of getting it. But some trends are not for the user's benefit. Not forgetting that even buying makeup kits can be dangerous as testers are said to sometimes carry STDs.

Here are some of the most dangerous beauty trends.

High heels

Wearing heels that don’t fit properly can cause long term damage to feet. They can cause bunions, severe pain in the sole and even stress fractures. Some effects are so adverse surgery is needed to fix them.

Heavy purses

Carrying a bag that is too heavy can lead to stress injuries and back pain. Bags should only weigh up to 10% of your body weight.


If not applying the proper hygienic procedures, razor lacerations can lead to bacterial infections.

Anti-wrinkle cream

They can cause irritation, excessive dryness, redness and sensitivity to sunlight. Especially when used in excess. Even with melanin, it’s encouraged to wear sunscreen.

Old eye makeup

Old mascara, eye shadow, eye liner usually carry bacteria from the eye. When allowed to accumulate, they can multiply to unmanageable rates leading to adverse infections. Ensure you change your eye makeup and the applicators after every three to four months.

Whitening cream

Since bleaching is the new black (Ha! I made a funny), the creams used should be carefully inspected. They can lead to hypertension, cancer, acne, stretchmarks, high blood sugar, blood poisoning or even death if they have steroids, hydroquinone or mercury.


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