Stop doing these things to your face!

Notice your facial skin isn't glowing or as soft as you would want? You are probably not treating it right?

If you want clear, glowing and baby soft face, there are things you should stop doing and they are infact simple!

From not removing makeup well, washing the face properly and restoring i.e using products to moisturize and lock in moisture and so on can cause issues for the skin, ignoring these seemingly easy things can cause the skin to breakout.

The skin is always prone to breakouts especially when it's exposed to oil, dust grimes that block the pores and disrupts the skin's PH. There are factors that happen as part of 'normal' everyday living that end up leaving the skin with blemishes.

1. Dirty pillow cases

This is one of the major causes of breakouts. Sleeping on dirty pillow cases are the fastest way to transfer germs to the face which results in pimple and acne breakouts.

Make sure to change pillow cases at least twice weekly.

2. Sleeping with makeup on

Sleeping with makeup on should be avoided at all costs. After a day of wearing a full face of makeup, start by removing makeup with wipes then proceed to cleanse and wash then apply toner.

Ensure you have a skincare routine for day and night to keep the facial skin in top health.

3. Using too much products together

Stop trying out every products thrown your way. A lot of people test different products all at once. Find out what product works for for your skin type and tone and use just that. It's best to keep product use to the minimum as long as they work.

4. Not sticking to a routine

Not maintaining a routine is one reason the facial skin gets blemished. Adopt a skincare routine (day and night) that works for you and stick to it.

5. Touching your face

By all means don't touch your face to feel it or to pop pimples, even before applying any form of treatment, make sure the hands are clean.


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