Sh100, 000 beauty treatment that may be a hoax

The treatment is derived from skin foreskins.

The treatment, called Vavelta contains fibroblasts which produce a protein called collagen that makes skin firm.

The cells are isolated from the foreskin of baby boys, grown in the lab for several months then packaged into vials. The vials are injected into the skin and each retail for Sh100, 000 but aren't available in Kenya as it hasn't been approved in any country for use.

Maxillofacial experts however, have questioned the science behind it.

In the US, the scientist there came up with a cream that costs about Sh15, 000. Known as Hydrafacial cream, it is available locally.

In this instance, the cream is manufactured from stem cells that are harvested from baby foreskin.

Kenyan maxillofacial cosmetic surgeon, Dr Mathew Akama notes that, “That science of applying stem cells (from foreskins) on the skin does not add up; I don’t understand it.”

Doctors maintain that the concept does not make a lot of sense.


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