9 reasons to love your fabulous box braids

Braids are bae

I'd rather much wear my hair in neat braids than walk around with one of those cheap looking weaves that look like a mop. While we can all agree that they're not good for the hairline, there's no denying that they do come towed with many benefits such as:

1. They're easy to maintain.

All you need to do is oil your scalp perhaps once a week and maybe lay your edges but other than that you can just wake up and go.

2. They're affordable.

Luckily, depending on the braid style you're going for, a packet of braids will cost you less than 100 Ksh for instance if you're going for a box braid style. Plus, you can keep the braids on for up to 6 weeks so that's quite an affordable style compared to relaxed hair or weaves and wigs for example, which will need constant styling and flat ironing.

3. They're super versatile.

Braids come in so many styles. If you want colored braids, you can get them in color, in curls, name it. And speaking of versatility, you can style them in a plethora of ways. Let them down on a weekend, tie them up into a bun for an office look, space buns for a social event etc.

4. They allow your scalp to breathe.

5. It's a protective style that promotes hair growth.

6. You can swim in them, shower in them easily and they can be great for the bedroom for those who love kinky sex.

7. They look great on anyone regardless of age, body type or shape of the face.

8. They're pro-black AF and you can flip ya hair like ya just don't care.

9. Men like women in braids.


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