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This short chunky braids hairstyle is great for ladies who hate long braids (Photos)

Simple and elegant

Most people prefer the medium to long braids cause of their versatility. The longer the length, the easier it becomes to style your braids into different styles, including updos. While the long braids are loved, we need to talk about how underrated short braids are.

Short braids, if done well can be really cute. There's especially one style that we are swooning over, the chunky short braids style. The style compliments facial features such as cheek bones and when accessorized with braid accessories, it looks super cute.

The only issue with short braid styles is that the tips have to be burnt so that the braid doesn't undo itself and that burnt part can sometimes cause discomfort when it comes in contact with your skin. However, you can have your hairdresser innovate other ways such as using bladder or hair beads or accessories, instead of burning the ends.


While short braids are not easy to style, you can always play around with different styles such as sweeping the braids to the side or tying some braids at the top to achieve a mini half braid bun.

Here are photos of the style, courtesy of hair blogger, Nikitha.


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