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Here's what to expect during the third trimester of pregnancy

It’s never that easy but you will make it

Pregnant woman(FAAI)

Congratulations! You are almost there and even though the journey has not been easy, at least you are hopeful that it’s just a matter of weeks and you will have your bundle of joy on your hands.

The third trimester begins from week 29-40. While you may no longer be experiencing any morning sickness, this trimester has its own challenges as well. In case you are already wondering what will happen to your body and your baby at this stage, we are just about to enlighten you on some of the things to expect.

Here we go:

1. Your back will hurt


At this period, the pregnancy hormones will be relaxing the tissue that holds the bones and the pelvis in place. This causes your back to hurt. Exercise regularly, get a good chair and wear comfortable shoes. If the pain is too severe and accompanied by other symptoms, seek medical attention. The added weight may also exert pressure on your back causing pain.

2. Increased fetal movements

Your baby is now stronger and it will be moving regularly. So, be prepared for more kicks.

3. Swollen feet


Your feet now have a heavier burden to carry since you and the baby are still growing in size. The pressure on the veins to push more blood to the heart leaves your lower limbs with more fluids hence the swelling.

4. Frequent visits to the bathroom

Thought you are done with the frequent visits to the ladies’ room? You are wrong. More pressure is being put on the bladder and you will thus have to relieve yourself frequently.

5. Breast enlargement


And your ‘girls’ will still be growing. Be sure to wear a supportive bra so that your back doesn’t suffer from the added weight on your chest. As your EDD, approaches, you may notice a yellowish discharge which is normal. It is the colostrum and it will be used to feed the baby the first days after delivery.

6. Braxton hicks Contractions

Some women confuse them for labor because they feel like it but they are different. The contractions are mild and are meant to prepare your uterus for real labor. If your contractions, however, get more intense and they get closer and closer together, it could be time to pick your maternity bag.

7. Fatigue


It gets worse as days go by. You are exhausted by the extra weight you are carrying, several visits to the bathroom, anxiety and might even be experiencing insomnia leading to fatigue.

8. Spider veins and hemorrhoids

The increased flow of blood during pregnancy may cause veins to appear on parts of your body such as arms, legs, face, and neck. Varicose veins may also develop on your anal area leading to hemorrhoids. To prevent hemorrhoids, include fiber and a lot of fluids in your diet.


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