October being a breast cancer awareness month, it would be unfair if we just let it slip without busting some common breast cancer myths.

We all dread cancer but some things we have been made to believe are simply misconceptions that we should stop believing.

Here are some of them:

Men should not worry about breast cancer

While the percentage of men who get breast cancer is still small as compared to that of women, men are still at risk. When men get breast cancer, they stand a higher chance of dying than men. As such, men too need to self-examine themselves regularly to check out for any abnormal changes.

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A lump on your breast means you have cancer

Yes, a lump may indicate that you could be having breast cancer. But that’s not always the case. Some women have cystic breasts and the lumps are not necessarily cancerous. But if the lump is painful and you are concerned about it, it’s good to see a doctor to rule out the possibility of breast cancer.

Bras and cosmetic products cause cancer

People have been made to believe that your bra’s under wire and antiperspirants could cause breast cancer. But don’t fret yet. There is no scientific evidence linking breast cancer to deodorants or the under wire of the bra.

Breast cancer is for older people

Come on, do you still believe this? I hope not. Anyway, the risk of getting breast cancer increases as you age. However, being too young does not mean that you cannot get breast cancer.

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You are safe if breast cancer is not in your bloodline

Well, you are at a higher risk of getting breast cancer if it runs in your family. But that is not to say that you are entirely safe from the disease. Anyone can get breast cancer and you therefore have to go for examination one in a while and also examine yourself regularly.

Breast pain is a sign of breast cancer

Although some breast cancers cause breast pain, most do not. So if your breast is painful, don’t be too worried yet. The pain could be due to many other factors.