7 common reasons why you pee a lot

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Frequent urination(womenshealthmag)

How often do you visit the bathroom? If you visit the bathroom more than seven times a day and you consume two liters of water, that’s considered as frequent urination.

Your frequent urge to relieve your bladder may have increased due to the following reasons:

1. Pregnancy

As the size of the uterus increases in order to accommodate the growing fetus, there is more pressure on the bladder. The visits to the bathroom thus increases as the pregnancy continues to grow.

2. Diabetes

One of the common early signs of diabetes is frequent urination. Usually, you also release large quantities of urine during your visits.

3. UTI

These stubborn infections are not only problematic to your private parts but they also affect your bladder. The infection causes inflammation which reduces the bladder’s ability to hold urine for long.

4. Enlarged prostate

An enlarged prostate in men presses against the bladder leading to frequent urination.

5. Too much water

‘Drink lots of water’ we are told. Even though, too much of it is not healthy. If you drink it in excess, your body will naturally get rid of what it does not need through urination.

6. Diuretics

If you take too much coffee, alcohol or soda, your visits to the bathroom will increase. These beverages are diuretics that increase the rate at which your kidneys get rid of water and excess salts.

7. Fibroid

These benign tumors are common among women in their child bearing age. As they grow in size, more pressure is exerted on the bladder causing frequent peeing.

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