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Common dieting mistakes that are keeping you fat

You need to stop them


Patience is also needed since you can’t just lose weight overnight. Sometimes it takes weeks or even months.  Of course, it’s not a journey for the faint-hearted and only the strong enough manage to complete it successfully.

But with all the discipline and determination, there are mistakes you could be making unknowingly that are stagnating your weight loss journey.


Check out these dieting mistakes that do nothing but keep you fat:

1. Skipping breakfast

This might sound like a good idea to help you lose some pounds but it’s really not. First, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Skipping it means you will have no energy to carry out your daily activities. So, you will be forced to go for high calorie foods or snacks later in the day to make up for the energy deficit. So instead of losing weight, you end up adding more.

2. Not drinking water


Cold weather or not, you need water if you really want to cut weight. It does not only keep you hydrated but also drinking it prior to taking your meals suppresses your appetite. Make it a habit to always have a water bottle with you so that anytime you feel thirsty, you drink. This will prevent you from taking sugary drinks such as sodas which contain loads of calories.

3. Over eating healthy foods

Just because a certain food is healthy doesn’t mean you should eat like you will never have it again. It might be low in calories but over eating it means you consume more calories. Just eat enough and put foods that are moreish away from you after having the right share.

4. Quitting if no results

As we said, losing weight is not an overnight thing. If you try a certain diet and after a month you do not see results, you should not quit yet. If you always go back to your old bad habits each time you see no results, you will never lose weight.


5. Not tracking your diet

Don’t just eat healthy. Keep track of the calories each day. Guess work and estimations will not help you figure out the right portions you are supposed to take and may thus inhibit weight loss. You can download apps to help you track your food or talk to a nutrition expert to help you with the process.

6. Drinking

If you eat healthy but still drink each day, then you are making no progress. If you write down the amount of alcohol you take each day, you might be surprised at the high levels of calories you consume. Quitting may not be easy but you can start with low-carb alcohol and cut down your daily consumption little by little such that it doesn’t affect your weight loss journey.


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