Signs you may have an STD

You should get tested

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Sexual health is a sensitive things and few people are willing to come out and talk about it or even go for screening. Yet, screening is the only sure way to know if you have an STD since sometimes the symptoms may go unnoticed.

STDs can really get severe if left untreated and they could affect other parts of your body. So, the earlier you know you have it, the better because treatment will be easy.

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If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, see a doctor for diagnosis and treatment:

Abnormal penile/vaginal discharge

Pain during sex

Sweating at night

Redness around the penis/vagina

Severe itchiness around the penis/vagina

Painful urination

Sores around your genitals or your mouth

Burning sensation during urination

Swelling around the vagina

Other less common symptoms include:

Pelvic pain




Skin rashes

The symptoms vary from one disease to another. Most of these symptoms appear some days or week after the infection. Some though may go unnoticed for even months hence the reason you should get regular screening.


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