Covid-19 struggles that every ordinary Kenyan can relate to

You can't even sneeze in peace

man sneeze sick cold tissue blow nose

It’s no longer the same. Once, it sounded like a story. Like something happening afar. Now it’s so real and we can all feel the weight heavy on our shoulders. Our social lives, emotions, and finances have been affected in a way that we never foresaw.

And we bet that every ordinary mwananchi knows these struggles so well

1. You can’t sneeze in public

If you have a common cold, you better stay at home. If you have allergies, just pray that you don’t sneeze or cough in public. The looks you get from people are enough to scare the sneeze away.

2. And if you do, you have to deal with the consequences

No more ‘bless you’ after sneezing. Instead, people will be bashing you and asking why you couldn’t stay at home.

3. You dread public transport

Even with the limited carrying capacity, you still don’t feel safe in a matatu. Because anyway, how sure are you that the person in the next seat isn’t infected with coronavirus?

4. Sometimes you feel like you indeed are infected

Be honest now, haven’t you experienced at least one of the coronavirus symptoms? Whenever your body temperature goes high or you feel like you have a sore throat, you start imagining that you could be sick already. It’s crazy.

5. Don’t even mention about hiked transport charges

Those who still have to report to their work stations understand the pain of paying extra. But what do you do yet you gotta pay the bills?

6. Working from home is a real struggle

Talk of power problems, kids all over your working station, noisy neighbours, etc.

7. You leave everything to listen to the presser

We are all living in constant fear of what will happen next. Will there be a lockdown? Are there more cases of coronavirus? You don’t want to miss any updates on what’s going on.

8. You don’t know what will happen to your job or business

Some people have had to take unpaid leave, others have been forced to close businesses. You never know if you will be next in line.

9. Every time there’s a presser, you cross fingers that the govt won’t announce a total lockdown

After seeing what’s happening in other countries where there’s a total lockdown, we all hope that we won’t get to that point.


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