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Creative uses of tampons that have nothing to do with your period

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Creative uses of tampons

We all know what tampons are for, don’t we? But other than menstruation purposes, tampons could also be used in other ways. So, always having them in your purse is an added advantage as you never know when you might need them.

Check out these amazing uses of tampons that don’t involve your period at all:

1. Remove nail polish


Because there are times you run out of cotton and you still gotta do your nails. Tampons will do a great job in removing nail polish just like ordinary cotton wool.

2. Light a fire

They are very flammable and come in handy when camping and you have no means to start a fire. Don’t be afraid to pack more tampons when going for your next camping trip.

3. Stop nose bleeding


Tampons don’t just absorb menstrual blood. Blood is blood after all, right? If you start nose bleeding and you have no other means, grab your purse and make use of those tampons. They are very absorbent and will save you the pain of having blood stains on your clothes.

4. Emergency bandage

Accidents happen when we least expect them. Next time you have a cut and are far away from a shop, make use of those tampons in your purse.


5. Separate toes during a pedicure

Because we all want a perfect pedicure, use your tampons to separate your toes when applying nail polish. This will prevent having nail polish on areas you do not want.

6. Clean spills

When you spill a drink or ink on a hard surface, use a tampon to clean it up. Press the tampon against the spillage and it will absorb the liquid clearing up the mess.



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