If you hate the sound of people chewing loudly, we have good news for you

This will totally make sense to you!

That disorder, because it is apparently a disorder, is called Misophonia. Generally, Misophonia is the hatred of sound. However, there are particular sounds that make you want to punch the person making them right? Especially people who make sounds when sipping tea or eating soupy food.

The sounds are so bad that it becomes impossible to filter them out and actually conceretrate. Most people who suffer from Misophonia are afraid to tell the person to stop making sounds for fear or being dismissed or being told to "Get over it". Think of a situation where you're in the office trying to concentrate and a work colleague just won't stop making bubble gum sounds. How are you going to deal with that?

See if you tell the person off, you could rub people the wrong way and that's why this disorder is so intense that some people will break up cause they cannot stand their partner making irritating sounds.

Honestly, to some of us chewing sounds are a deal breaker! If you have to eat like an animal, maybe you should go ahead and date an animal no?

So here comes the fun part. A study by researchers from Northwestern University suggests that the inability to filter out competing sensory information such as irritating sounds around you, is a common trait found in creatives and geniuses.

In fact, Historians have evidence that geniuses like Charles Darwin for example, wore earplugs when working so as to be able to concentrate. Big up yourself for being an intelligent human!


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