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How to know your health status by the shape of your ears

What your ears say about your health

WebMD which is the online clinic that shows you may have cancer because you googled headache and nausea together published an article that may be helpful to people once they notice something profoundly odd with their ears.

Here are 5 things your ears say about your health.

1. Diagonal crease


Having a diagonal fold of skin on your lobe could signify heart disease.

2. Low ears

This is commonly found with people who have Down's Syndrome or Turner Syndrome. According to WebMD, "People with Down syndrome also have other physical differences and development issues. Turner syndrome can cause problems with how the head and the neck form, and issues with growth and puberty."

3. Unusual ear shape

This includes the liitle mole like extension of ear skin. The presence of an ear tag could signify kidney problems.


4. Tinnitus

This refers to the ringing in a person's ears. It could be cause by taking too many painkillers, earwax buildup, working in a place with loud noises, or something wrong in the joint between the jawbone and the skull.

5. Itchy ears

This could be an infection. Or psoriasis- a condition where the immune system attacks the skin.


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