This mother-daughter duo is the perfect definition of fitness goals (Photos)

Body goals.

The salon is always a top pick for a mother-daughter date and you can never go wrong with a shopping spree.

A mother-daughter duo in the States took it a notch higher however and spend their bonding time in the gym.

Lana and Ellen Ector are this mother-daughter duo.

These Atlanta based fitness trainers are the perfect definition of fitness goals. If you’re looking to tone your body up the right way, then they just may be the perfect inspiration that you need.

Their age difference may be great but their bodies could have you thinking they are the same age.

Check out some of their photos below:

1. Ellen and Lana Ector pose for a photo - fire.

2.It's difficult to believe that Ellen is 65 years old.

3.Three generations of Ectors.

4.Beach vibes.


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