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How much sex should I have to get pregnant?

Does more sex mean a higher chance of getting pregnant? Doctors believe the contrary.

Such is the advice you will get from friends if you ask about how much sex is needed to get pregnant.

But really?  Does having a lot of sex mean a higher chance of giving birth?

According to gynecologist, Christian Albring, it’s quite the contrary.


She says, “No, in principle it is actually enough if the couple has sex shortly before or on the day of ovulation. What’s important is that the woman lies comfortably on her back for about half an hour after the man orgasms. This gives the sperms an opportunity to swim their way to the cervix."

Another thing, no masturbation guys.

The man should make sure that he has had no orgasm for three days or four before the trial so that the sperm are available in sufficient quantity.

Sperm can survive a maximum of 72 hours in a woman’s body while an egg is most fertile for about 12 to 24 hours. This gives approximately five days a month in which a woman can, theoretically, get pregnant.

So what’s the ideal amount of sex?


Dr. Albring believes that getting down and dirty at least twice a week should suffice. She says, “If a couple sex has twice a week, then the sperm count is increased and is of a healthier quality. It is definitely advisable, however, that the couple has sex two to three times a week if they are not sure how to work out the fertile days."

What is the perfect time for fertilization?

Dr. Albring: "The likelihood of successful fertilization is highest, 24 hours to a few hours before ovulation.”

Which sex positions are particularly suitable for fathering a child?

Dr. Albring defines suitable positions as those that allow the man to penetrate deep into the woman so that the sperm is deposited closer to the cervix.


"These positions include the missionary position), from behind (woman kneels down so that the man can penetrate from behind) and the" candle "(woman lies up the back, raises the pelvis with both hands in the air, legs resting on the shoulders of the man).

Here are a few more things men should know about getting her pregnant:

1.    Men, just like women, should not smoke or go to the sauna as both significantly worsen the sperm quality and decrease the quantity of healthy sperm.

2.    Men should not wear constricting clothing, as this has a negative effect on the genital area.

3.     Pay attention to maintaining a healthy weight. Being overweight extremely inhibits fertility. Overweight men have a harder time becoming fathers. Significant underweight also reduces fertility.


4.    Exercise more every day. This increases the production of testosterone decisively. Keep your body fit through a lot of exercise and regular endurance and strength training.


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