What pimples in different areas of your face say about your health

Here is what acne in these parts of your face means.

Face mapping is an ancient Ayurvedic technique whereby ‘the location of your acne is linked to what is going on with your internal organs'.

If you frequently have breakouts in these areas of your face then this is what it means.


Pimples on your forehead indicate digestive issues in particular breaking down certain types of food. They could also indicate liver problems, stress and an irregular sleep schedule.

Health.com recommends ensuring to get 7-9 hours of sleep every night and eating digestive enzymes such as papaya to help stop forehead breakouts.


Pimples that appear on the cheeks are linked to respiratory issues; to be more precise allergies that affect the respiratory system.

Polluted air and sugary foods is also a factor in getting pimples on the cheek.

Washing your face at least twice a day to clear put the germs can help reduce your chances of breakouts.


Pimples on your chin usually appear due to hormonal changes so you are more prone to breakout during your period.

Resting your chin on your hands could also be a factor as this can transfer oils from the fingers to the chin thus causing pimples.


Pimples in this area indicate an issue with your kidneys.

To help prevent this, drink a lot of water, avoid drinking too much alcohol, caffeine and decrease your salt intake.


You have consumed too many greasy, fatty foods as well as alcohol.

Cut down on the alcohol and greasy foods.


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