Inhaling farts could save your life

Scientists found out that Farting can help prevent cancer, heart attacks and many more life threatening diseases.

However, according to Scientists from University of Exeter have found that inhaling hydrogen sulfide, which is the rotten egg scent in farts, will actually boost your immune system.

PhD Biomedical scientist and consultant, AJ Troiano explained  to Reader’s digest

“In order to understand the science of passing gas, you have to understand the sheer scale of microbes that are housed in the human body. It’s not the microbes that have protective properties, but the byproducts (hydrogen sulfide) they produce during normal metabolic processes.”

And there’s more.

The study also found out that inhaling farts could help reduce the risk of cancer, heart attack, strokes, arthritis, and dementia.

However, beware, you can actually overdose on fart gas. Hydrogen sulfide in small amounts maybe healthy but an overdose could lead to losing your sense of smell, fatigue, loss of appetite and just enough of it could kill you in 48 hours.

Have you farted today? Do the world a favour and let it rip!


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