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5 fashion secrets to rocking boots in the office

And slaying while you're at it.

Don't under estimate the heel.

It’s like a change of wardrobe. Switching your sandals for boots can be such a bummer. At the same time, you can look glam and sassy by knowing just how to select your shoes and how to rock them.

Don’t doubt it, rocking thigh high leather needs a different outfit from ankle boots. Read on.

1. Wear boots with figure hugging pants.


The idea is to tuck your pants and let the boots complement your figure. Thigh high boots make your legs look longer and slender.

2. Colours are important.

Shoes make a very large part of determining your fashion sense. You want to be careful with the colours you opt for. Stick to darker colors such as grey, navy blue or brown for the office space.

3. Don’t under estimate the heel.

It’s pretty easy to assume that you can walk in boots however high because they won’t keep slipping off your feet. Wrong! Boots can be harder to handle and can hurt you even more if they are too high. You don’t want cones this cold season.


4. If closed, always wear socks.

The last thing you want is to have your feet sweating in a closed shoe that you can’t remove every single time you want.

5. If it’s tight, it’s small.

Let go of the idea that your boots will expand. If it feels tight then go a bigger size. You’re better stuffing it with socks than struggling to walk.


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