Types of shoes every girl should have

Your wardrobe isn't complete without these kicks.

A woman in good shoes is never ugly.

But, shoes are expensive and no one has that space for that amount of shoes anyway! However, true to this adage, you can never look good without a great pair of shoes. That is why investing an arm for those red bottoms wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Whatever your course of action, here are 7 types of shoes every woman should own

1. Plain black leather heels

These top the list as a must have. When you’re not sure what shoe to wear, then go for the black heels. These have the ability to make all outfits look professional or classy.

2. High heel sandals

I’m personally not a fan but high heel sandals come in handy for random events or when you’re not sure which shoe to wear for dinner. Keep a pair or two in neutral colours.

3. Slip-on sneakers

Nothing screams laid back and confident like a good pair of slip on sneakers. Rock these babies with shorts, denim pants, or even a skater dress.

4. Ballet flats

We need not explain the importance of ballet flats. You probably keep a pair in your purse for back when you rock your six inches. Basic ballet flats are a go to for any outfit. Well, except jumpsuits.

5. Summer Wedges

These a perfect fit for sun dresses, causal shorts or denim pants. Keep a pair for the sunny weekends with friends.

6. Statement heels

Every woman needs a pair of sexy heels in her wardrobe. Be it the height, the detail or design, every girl requires that one pair of heels that she only pulls out of the box for big occasions.

7. Riding boots

No need to get caught up in the wet mess when it rains. Keep a pair of thigh or knee high boots for the dull weather.

8. Converse

In fact, every human being should own pair. These are one of the few sporty shoes that can pass for smart casual and look great in practically everything, even long dresses!

9. Sport Shoes

This is not just to make you feel guilty enough to work out (which is usually the idea) they will come in handy when you finally decide to travel or take a hike.

10. Sandals

Instead of your normal slippers, keep it fashionable with a pretty pair of sandals. They come In handy for those lazy days when you really don’t want to think through your outfit.


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