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13 swanky Nairobi restaurants to take bae if you want to impress

Where slay queens like to be taken, fine dining manenos

If you're in a new relationship or you're chasing a special someone, you'll get to a point where you will want to impress them by treating them to a romantic dinner.

There are many restaurants in Nairobi where you can go to, depending on what tickles your taste buds. If you're in the early stages of dating, you definitely want to leave an impression. Albeit, if you cannot afford, please just stick to your lane. I'd rather a man who takes me to an affordable restaurant or prefers to prepare his signature meal for me than a guy who takes me to a restaurant then turns into a mathematician when the bill comes. Eish, you know those dudes who remove the calculator when the bill comes? Such a turn off...I'm sorry but we are all entitled to our own opinion.

Anyway, there are some swanky restaurants in Nairobi offering an exquisite experience that's every foodie's dream. Kempinski and Sankara to me are waaaaay overrated. Cliche even. Here are other options you can try out.

1. Hemingways.


It's a little far, all the way in Karen diaspora but Hemingways is without a doubt one of the swankiest restaurants in Nairobi. Even though their menu doesn't have as many options as I would prefer, everything about Hemingways is exceptional. Plus, it's super picturesque and you and bae can snap a few cool pics for your Instagram.

2. Pablos.

Pablos is located on the ground floor of Four Points By Sheraton (Formerly Best Western Hotel) Hurlingham. It may not be the most classy looking hotel but their menu has a wide selection of different cuisines, and their food is one of the best meals I have ever had while eating out. Also, the ambiance is peaceful and quiet and you can have a proper conversation while on a date.

3. Tatu Restaurant.

Located inside the Norfolk Hotel in town, Tatu is is the real definition of luxe. It's pretty intimidating. The kind where you can barely recognize anything on the menu and the waiter has an accent like that of someone who went to a "Group of schools" not the Karumaido praimaray kind. However, it's quite an experience. It's known for their steak. In fact, before they serve you, the waiter gives you a brief history on where your meat came from. They go on about how the cows are reared in a ranch in Nanyuki and all that shebang. As you can imagine, the food here doesn't come cheap. But if you want to impress, it's highly recommended.


4. Lord Erroll.

The restaurant is located in Runda. It has this homely ambiance that's just relaxing and inviting. The food portions are not as big as anyone would want them to be however, the food's pretty delicious and affordable. I always say that I would rather have enough tasty food than a whole plate of nonesense. Ama namna gani?

5. Seven Sea Food & Grill.

Are you a sea food lover? If the answer is yes, then this is without a doubt the place to go. Seven is located at ABC Place just next to Mercury Lounge. Their fresh prawns, calamari, fish, lobster etc is a party in the mouth aka heaven!


6. Captain's Terrace.

Are you a sucker for awesome views? Well, then this is your option. Located on Mombasa Road, Captain's Terrace offers you a selection of meals to choose from as well as views of Nairobi National Park. If you're lucky, you can catch the sunset over biting and glasses of wine. Plus, the background definitely makes for the perfect Instagram aesthetic.

7. Soi.

Soi is one of the four restaurants at Dusit D2 on 14 Riverside Drive. Who needs to travel to South East Asia to enjoy a Thai meal when you can just have one here in Nairobi? Thai cuisine is a favorite of many people especially because we Kenyans love rice, noodles and meaty meals. Be sure to ask your waiter to make your meal mild if you do not like hot stuff as Thai food can be a little too hot and spicy. The ambiance at Soi is super romantic, classy and the service and food is outstanding.

8. Mediterraneo Junction.


The first time someone treated me to a meal here, they ordered for a one meter long pizza and I was very impressed. We obviously wondered how were gonna finish all that pizza but hey that's a nice worry to have right? As the name suggests, this is an Italian restaurant that has a wide range of Italian cuisine but the catch is their one meter long pizza. You order different pizzas and they come in a meter long assortment of all the pizzas you ordered. Pretty nice for a large group of people or two very hungry humans. Either way, she will be impressed. *wink*

9. Ginza Japanese Restaurant.

Located at Galana Plaza, Ginza is a Japanese restaurant so if you're all about the Tappanyaki kinda meals, then this is your go to restaurant. They have the flambe option of watching the chef make your meals which is pretty interesting to see and impressive and you should definitely go for that option.

10. Jiko at the Tribe.

You can either go for a meal or Sunday brunch. They have a wide selection of meals on their menu and the ambiance is very cool, posh, yet inviting.


11. Pampa Churrascaria and Fogo Gaucho.

These are both all you can eat Brazillian steak houses that will leave bae impressed if he/she is a meat lover. You also get to select from a wide range of salads and sides.

12. Pango Brasserie at the Fairview.

Located in Upperhill, The Fairview is a pretty romantic and swanky place with four restaurants. My favorite is Pango. Ever imagined enjoying a meal while a pianist sweeps you off your feet with romantic tunes? That's Pango for you. Another plus is that their portions are really big. Talk about value for money!

13. Le Grenier a Pain.


A taste of the French cuisine in Nairobi. Located on Riverside, Le Grenier is perfect for brunch on Sundays. They have really delicious French meals. As you know, the French really love their culture so the menu is in French, albeit, the condiments of the meal are slightly explained in English. Do not be intimidated to pronounce the meal you're having. LOL just say "leta hii" and point to the waiter. French ilikuja na meli.


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