7 bizarre food phobias

Are you afraid of these meals?

But an even lesser known phenomenon is a fear of different kinds of food. And no, not the aversion to foods we had as children where we bred an intense dislike for all things vegetable or how some of us as adults can’t seem to stand porridge due to having it so often in school. This singularity causes anxiety and serious signs of distress in people who have them.

Here is a list of the oddest food phobias known to man.

Oenophobia- fear of wine

This can manifest as fear of picking the wrong wine for an event.

It can also manifest when someone with the condition accidentally imbibes wine. They would vomit uncontrollably.

Symptoms that appear at the presence of wine are similar to those people who suffer from anxiety have. Nausea, shortness of breath, and being unable to handle the situation.

Lachanophobia- fear of vegetables

Don’t even think about using this as an excuse to skip the kunde or kahurura your mother has prepared.

This phobia could lead to a serious deficiency of vitamins as people with this absolutely can’t go anywhere near vegetables.

Arachibutyrophobia- fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth

People with this believe that swallowing peanut butter could lead to suffocation.

Xocolatophobia- fear of chocolate

More like a germophobe but of chocolate. The colour, texture, the very existence of the things is offensive to xocolatophobic people. It can lead to heightened anxiety during holiday seasons.

Orthorexia- fear of eating impure food

This can be easily mistaken for anorexia as people suffering from this simply because they won’t eat food they fear isn’t pure. It’s not yet recognised as an eating disorder.

Anorexic people worry about how much food they’re eating. Orthorexic people worry about the quality of the food they’re eating. The obsession with pure or organic food could easily lead to malnourishment.

Ichthyophobia- fear of fish

They want absolutely nothing to do with fish. Seeing it, smelling it, swimming with it- just a huge no for them.

Phagophobia- fear of swallowing

Yes, it can get to the point of fearing swallowing saliva. It stems from the fear of asphyxiation. There is the never ending phantom feeling of something stuck in the throat.

Cibophobia- fear of all food

Also known as sitophobia, people with this condition would rather go hungry than deal with food. This is potentially deadly as it just preludes starvation.


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