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5 foods you should avoid after age 30

Hello 30

Junk foods(factly)

Being an adult is the best thing; you get the freedom to make choices including what to eat. But as you continue growing old you may want to stay away from some foods. Because as you get older, you become more prone to different health conditions. So, the last thing you will want is to eat anything that places you at a higher risk of diseases.

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Also, by the time you are 30, aging signs start to show up. And if you don’t monitor what you eat, you will age faster than you should. Check out some of the foods you should avoid after age 30:

1. Fries and crisps


By the time you are 30, you should have had enough of fries and crisps in your 20s. It’s time to say goodbye to such and focus on a healthier diet. Fries and crisps have too much salt that you will want to avoid by age 30. Salts dehydrate your skin, age you and also increase the risk of high blood pressure.

2. Alcohol

As you get older, your body becomes less tolerant to alcohol. As you approach 30, you should start limiting your alcohol intake. Because if you don’t, you will be surprised at how fast your skin will start wrinkling.

3. Flavored yoghurt


You can’t change the fact that you are getting old and soon enough wrinkles will find their way to your skin. Once you hit 30, the production of the compounds that keep your skin youthful and firm slow down leading to wrinkles. Flavored yoghurt has lots of sugar which you do not need at this age.

4. Carbonated drinks

You see, you will have to make a lot of sacrifice for the sake of your health. And since you have been taking soda like the whole of your life, how about quitting it altogether? The sugars won’t do your aging body any good; plus if you are planning on having children, sodas affects ovulation and sperm motility.

5. Sugary foods


Oreos, candies, cookies and the likes are full of artificial sugars, fats and calories. None of it is good for your body at 30. If you are craving for something sweet, go for natural sugars such as honey. Dark chocolate is also a healthier choice.


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